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Utilizing the Clipboard in AS3

A quick look at saving text to the Users clipboard, with their permission.

A common use for a web application is copying contents to the clipboard. Well if you are building a Flash web app you can easily include this functionality with one line of code.

System.setClipboard("Sample text, from Flash");

While that is pretty simple, lets look at a worthwhile use for this. Imagine you have a web app that has hard to remember or even say URLs, wouldn't it be nice if you could easily allow users to share those complex links? Well with a little javascript magic and writing to the clipboard you can.

Here is the code for this proof-of-concept.

import flash.external.*;
import flash.system.System;

function grabLink():void
  System.setClipboard("Current URL: " +"window.location.href.toString"));


There you have it, a few useful examples of utilizing the clipboard in ActionScript 3. Happy coding.

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