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Flash and PHP Bible

The Flash and PHP Bible has been released! The book can be found on Amazon or wherever fine books are sold in your area.

The Flash and PHP Bible has a forum for quick support.

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Customizable and Flexible jQuery Carousel Rotator
Learn how to create a Customizable and Flexible jQuery Carousel Rotator.
js By: RyanBarr
Duplicating the YouTube April Fools Joke
Using Javascript to duplicate the YouTube April Fools Joke.
js By: mkeefe
Displaying Stock Tickers using AJAX and PHP
Learn how to create an interactive stock ticker using AJAX and PHP.
js By: mkeefe
Match content using Regular Expressions
Match content in Javascript using Regular Expressions.
js By: mkeefe
Frame Busting
A very easy way to ensure your site is not being displayed in a frame.
js By: mkeefe
Limit Textfield Input
DHTML textfield limiter that uses javascript in an unobstrusive manner. ...
js By: mkeefe
Javascript Popup
A javascript popup that reuses the popup window once it is opened.
js By: mkeefe
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