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Get Retweet Count Of URL on Twitter using PHP
100th Tutorial!! Get the retweet count of a URL on Twitter using PHP.
php By: mkeefe
PHP Based CAPTCHA Using Simple Math
Using PHP to create a CAPTCHA based on simple math.
php By: mkeefe
Joining Tables in MySQL
Basics of joining tables in MySQL
php By: jhecht
Display Last 5 Songs Played On Using PHP
Learn how to create a simple PHP class to load the last 5 played tracks ...
php By: mkeefe
Twitter Integration Class Using PHP5 and cURL
Learn how to create a Twitter integration Class using PHP5 and cURL.
php By: RyanBarr
Detecting Leap Year Using PHP
A quick snippet of code to detect if a certain date is a leap year or not.
php By: mkeefe
Verify Server is Online Using PHP
Create a simple PHP script to verify a server is online.
php By: mkeefe
Validating Credit Cards Using PHP
Using PHP to validate major credit cards.
php By: mkeefe
Building a Smarter Random Image Loader
How to build a smarter image loader that only shows an image once.
php By: mkeefe
Code Highlighting using GeSHi
Learn how to add code highlighting using GeSHi. A PHP script that is use...
php By: mkeefe
Using PHP to add Gravatar support to your web sites
Learn how to add Gravatar (global avatar) support to your web sites.
php By: mkeefe
Latest Twitter Update With PHP
An alternative way to using Twitter's JavaScript and Flash approaches.
php By: RyanBarr
Debugging your PHP Code
[Bite-size 1] Finding errors in your code by enabling PHP error reporting.
php By: mkeefe
Viewing All Files in a Directory
Learn how to create a simple script to view the contents of a directory.
php By: jhecht
Simple Pagination Using PHP
Learn how to add pagination to your PHP projects.
php By: jhecht
Break to New Line
Change a break into a new line.
php By: mkeefe
Get File Extension
Get a file extension, very useful for a file uploader.
php By: mkeefe
Shorten String for Preview
Shorten a string and add '...' to it. Used to display a preview of conte...
php By: mkeefe
Pad Number With Zeros
Pad a number with zeros. Shows you how to achieve that using a function ...
php By: mkeefe
Highlight PHP Code
Highlight your PHP code making it easier to read.
php By: mkeefe
Refresh Page Automatically
Redirect the page automatically using PHP. Very useful when Javascript m...
php By: mkeefe
Tag Cloud with Database
A continuation of the Tag Cloud tutorial using a database instead of a s...
php By: mkeefe
Fetch MySQL Row
Fetch (retrieve) a specific MySQL row and display it in a simple table.
php By: mkeefe
Simple Banner Rotator
PHP powered banner rotator using the power of flat files (txt files).
php By: mkeefe
Tag Cloud
Build one of those popular tag clouds as found on sites such as: "Flickr...
php By: mkeefe
Simple Way to Validate Links
Validate url's before you accept them in your scripts.
php By: mkeefe
Custom Error Handler
How to create a custom error handler in PHP
php By: Anonymous
Remove OBJECT code using PHP
Using PHP to remove OBJECT code and replace it. This article uses preg_r...
php By: mkeefe
Printing a MySQL table to a dynamic HTML table with PHP
Have you every wanted to print out all the data in a MySQL table to a c...
php By: Syntax-Error
Open and Write to File
A simple script used to open a file and write to it.
php By: mkeefe
Search and Replace a Loaded File
A simple to use script for loading a file, search and replacing words, a...
php By: mkeefe
Random Image Loader
Display a random image via PHP
php By: mkeefe
Basic Emailer with PHP
Basic PHP emailer with example form. Makes use of default mail functions...
php By: mkeefe
Error Reporting In PHP
Ever want to hide errors on a PHP page or just show really critical ones...
php By: mkeefe
Grab Subdomain From Url
Use this block of code to grab the subdomain from the URL. You can then ...
php By: mkeefe
PHP Date Function
Here is the PHP date() function. It is used to grab all sorts of info re...
php By: mkeefe
Show Users IP
Here is a simple tutorial to display the visitors IP. You can also captu...
php By: mkeefe
Split String Per Character
Use this function to split a string per character. The function takes th...
php By: mkeefe
Last Modified Info
This tutorial will show you how to display the date/time that the file w...
php By: mkeefe
Display W3C Tip
Ever want to display the tips from the W3C page? Well now you can!
php By: mkeefe
Backup Database
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a backup script for your d...
php By: mkeefe
PHP Include
Here is a code snippet to include a file in your php page.
php By: mkeefe
Table Generator
In this tutorial I will show you how you can make a pretty cool html tab...
php By: Albert Gouws
Query Strings
The following article is an explantion on query strings
php By: mkeefe
Text On Image
Learn how to display text on an image using the GD Library in PHP.
php By: mkeefe
Stock Quotes
This tutorial will show you a neat way to get stock data from Yahoo Fina...
php By: mkeefe
Alternating Row Color
Learn how to make an "alternating row color" script.
php By: mkeefe
Predefined Variables
From, since they already explained it so well.
php By: mkeefe
Visitor Counter
How to write a visitor counter in PHP.
php By: mkeefe
Search Engine
This tutorial will teach you how to write a simple PHP/MySQL Search Engine.
php By: mkeefe
Style Switcher
How to write a script that will allow you to easily load another stylesh...
php By: mkeefe
DB Connection
The following tutorial will teach you how to connect to a database using...
php By: mkeefe
PHP Navigation
How to code and understand a more secure navigation script. I am sure yo...
php By: mkeefe
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